For Sale

Below are pictures and descriptions for all the things I am selling - I put everything in alphabetical order.
If you have questions or are interested in anything, either message me on the Minneapolis/Saint Paul board (knottie name drdifabio) or email me at


Boxes - $5

I have a bunch of small plastic boxes that you could use for favors or giving gifts to your wedding party - like earrings for the BMs.

1 larger box = about 5 x 2 1/2 x 7/8 inches
16 med boxes = about 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 5/8 inches
28 small boxes = about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 3/4 inches

I will sell all of them together for $5.

Hair Comb - $20

I was planning on wearing this but then decided against it last minute but I think it it beautiful. It is a heavy weight crystal piece attached to a metal hair comb.

HM T-shirts - $10 for both

These were super fun and we got so many congrats while wearing them – they have been worn once and then washed. They run a little big but one is listed as a small and the other is a medium. The front says “Just Married” and the back says “Honeymoon.”
Font is the top one and the back view is on the bottom

Iron on Letters - $10

I used these iron on letters to make our HM t-shirts but you could use them to spell anything.
They look really nice when irroned on as they look like they are embroidered letters.

I have two partial packages for a total of 58 letters left.
The package says they are .95 inches.

Here is the breakdown of letters I have for sale:
A - 4                 H - 3                   O - 0                    V - 2
B - 4                  I - 4                    P - 4                   W - 4
C - 4                 J -2                    Q - 2                    X - 2
D - 2                 K -4                    R - 0                   Y - 0
E - 2                  L -4                    S - 2                   Z - 2
F - 2                  M - 0                   T - 2
G - 2                 N - 0                   U - 2

If you end up needing more too I can let you know where I got them!

Labels - 1" Stickers - $5

I bought these 1" inch sitcker labels to use in our STDs. We printed our names, monogram, and wedding date on them and included them for people to put on their calendars and we got great reviews on them.
You download the template on and you can print directly on them - it works really well!

I am selling the 43 pages that i didnt use in the packages. Each page has 12 labels on it = 516 labels.
Here is a partial sheet that I printed on. I just cut each one out and then pealed away the outer sticker to leave just the circle.
It is hard to see but here is one sheet with the blank 12 labels.
Here was our end product for our STDs

Vase - $5

I have one big square vase that is jut over 5 by 5 inches wide and 5 inches tall. It currently has a green bow tied around it that can easily be removed. We used it to hold questions for our "Danielle and Joe Trivia" game to get us to kiss at the reception.

Vases small - $5

I have 6 smaller vases that measure about 3.25 inches all the way around.
I am selling all 6 together for $5.